About Crazy Credit

aboutHere is a little bit about CrazyCredit.org. This site is designed to help you take charge of your credit profile.

The purpose is to help you make the best use of your time, and find the quickest solutions to any credit problems.

The following sections cover the most important topics discussed on this site.

Credit Basics. Learning the credit basics can help you take charge of your credit profile, and give you the best chance at gaining new credit.

Credit Bureau. Contact information for each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies. Also includes a listing of some of the minor credit bureaus.

Credit Monitoring. It’s not necessary to pay for credit monitoring, and in fact you can do it rather easily.

Credit Repair. The quickest and easiest way to repair your credit is summarized in this section. Don’t be fooled by sites that want to charge you to do this!

Credit Reports. If you’re a bit confused by the myriad of ways to get your credit reports, here is a breakdown on the best ways to do it.

Credit Scores. Lenders use many different types of credit scores, and as a result each may have their own credit score range.

Credit Triage. If you are looking to repair or strengthen your credit rating, a great way to approach it is to triage your accounts.

About the Credit Related Articles

There will be hundreds of credit-related articles as Crazy Credit grows. For the most part, these articles will deal with helping you achieve a better credit score in the quickest way possible.

The articles are Crazy Credit blog. and can also be found in the sitemap. Articles are generally added several times a week, as a result of the constantly changing world of credit. If your have any further questions about Crazy Credit, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ♦