Credit Reporting Services Can Help Boost Your Credit Score

credit reporting servicesIf you are one of the millions of Americans who want to improve their credit score, start by taking a look at your credit history. Credit reporting services are an easy way to review your credit report, get errors fixed and continue to monitor it for ongoing activity.

Each of the big three credit reporting agencies, or CRAs, have their own monthly service. They provide up-to-date copies of your credit report, but you’ll also get access to other helpful features. For example, email warnings when something is impacting your credit report. Or if there is recent negative activity or a boost in your credit score. Seeing your credit score improve monthly can really give you the motivation to keep going with your debt repayment plan.

Reviewing your credit report at least once a year can help prevent errors, identity theft, and potential delinquency you might not have known about.  You might discover incorrect personal information or simple clerical errors such as late payment alerts for debts you actually paid on time. You need to know what creditors are seeing, and take steps to get it corrected as soon as possible.

Use Credit Reporting Services to Gauge Credit Health

Along with obtaining your credit report and alerts, you’re getting a good feel for where your credit actually stands.  You also receive tips about what you can fix to improve your score. The monthly charge is probably less than you’d spend on going to a movie or a fast food dinner.  You can cancel this service at any time without a contractual commitment or large up front payment.

Each of the credit reporting services also list the negative items that appear on your report. This will help you can get a thumbnail without having to read the entire report.  You can see delinquencies, public records like foreclosures or bankruptcies, and credit inquiries.  This snapshot can help you find out quickly if there’s a problem or potential problem.

By using a credit reporting service, you’ll be able to regularly monitor how you’re doing. If you currently have bad credit, they can be a very useful tool toward improving your credit score. And anything that helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel is the same as money in the bank. ♦