Credit Reports: How to Get Them For Free

credit reportsIf you’re a bit confused by the myriad of ways to get your credit reports, here is a breakdown on the best ways to do it. There is simply no need to spend your hard-earned money to get your reports.

Free Credit Reports Via

The site authorized by Federal Law to provide you with your credit reports is You are entitled to your free reports every 12 months. There are dozens of other, very similarly-sounding websites that claim to offer the same thing. Be aware, however, as these other sites will constantly try to convince you to purchase one of their services. The best and easiest way to get your credit reports is through

Almost-Free Credit Reports Via Other Sites

There are popular sites such as Credit Karma,,, and others, that will also provide you with a copy of your reports. This is not a substitute for getting your report through, but can a useful tool to monitor any changes that happen. Most of these sites will also notify you of any issues if you register with them. Of course, these sites will also try and sell you one of their other products, and so you should expect to be bombarded with ads.

Paying For Your Report and Score

If you’ve visited a big-3 credit bureau, you’ll immediately be confronted with a number of ads. They’ll try to convince you that the best way to get your reports is to PAY for them. This is simply not true.

In addition, a whole host of other “credit monitoring” sites will also look to sell you on buying your report. They are using a bit of consumer confusion to convince many of their site visitors to purchase one of their products.

The bottom line is that you should use to get your free reports. Use other sites to help you stay on top of any changes that might occur to your reports. ♦